Estetica ed etica: i luoghi dell'imminenza

Silvia Vizzardelli


In order to shed light on the strict relationship between aesthetics and ethics, it seems useful  to call into question psychoanalysis, particularly the Lacanian thought. The Séminaire VII, dedicated to the relationship between good and beautiful, identifies the concepts of “sublimation” and “imminence” of desire as a key for understanding this relationship.  “Good” and “beautiful” are not the targets of values that push forward the psychic life, but they are behind us, and they can be approached through a step back in life that, thanks to a topological twist, inaugurates its trade with desire and death.According to Lacan, an ethically sustainable lifestyle is one that knows how to stay in the imminence of desire,even with its destructive components, and for that it performs its proximity to the aesthetic experience.


Aesthetics; ethics; psychoanalysis

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