Ri. Relazioni estetiche tra Oriente ed Occidente a partire da Kishio Suga


Starting from the work of the artist Kishio Suga, the essay establishes a link between some of the great themes of the Eastern and Western aesthetics. The author, leader of the movement Mono-ha (もの派 , “school of things”), is a key point of the deep proximity that the Japanese artists at the end of the Sixties had with the Western arte povera. The essay is divided into four moments of reflection that we could sum up in four keywords: reference, thing, mystery, ethics. Such concepts lead to reflections concerning the origin and the enjoyment of the work of art, the concepts of “beauty”, proving that the cultural division is not to be hoped in the contemporary society which must broaden to transculturality. Deeply different structures of languages and cultures can be different but admitted and at the same time shifted within their mutual values.

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