La potenza emotiva degli ambienti tanatologici. Sull’interazione di atmosfere e tonalità emotive


The article discusses a rather intricate affair: the complex relationship between atmospheres and moods (Stimmungen). This relationship is discussed using some examples of thanatological situations. These situations are discussed by asking how atmospheres and moods could be understood in their own meaning. Atmospheres and moods seem to resemble each other. A mood can be juxtaposed in opposition to an atmosphere and vice versa. The threshold on which an atmosphere turns into a mood corresponds to that in which the power of a feeling kindles an affective concern. It is this ability that makes the difference between moods and atmospheres as two forms of subjective being-with: one has an emotional distance and one does not. Both are rooted in life situations, in the case of death conceived as a “limit situation”.
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