Azione e coscienza in Hegel: tra filosofia dell’arte e filosofia del diritto

Giulia Battistoni


In this essay I aim to analyze Hegel’s concept of action in the context of his philosophy of art. Given the recent sources, I will focus, firstly, on his lectures on aestetics of 1828-29 and I will then integrate them with Hegel’s marginal notes on his Elements of the Philosophy of Right, together with the notes of his scholars. This move will let me clarify the difference between the heroic selfconsciousness and the modern moral conscience, as well as their different attitude towards their actions and responsibility. Moreover, this will clarify what Hegel means with “dramatisches Interesse”. I will finally bring two examples of these kinds of consciousness developed in two different dramas, namely Oedipus Rex (Sophocles) and Die Schuld (A. Müllner). This will deliver new insights into Hegel’s philosophy of art interweaving his philosophy of right.



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