Journal History

“Studi di estetica” was founded in 1973 by Luciano Anceschi with the subtitle: “Bollettino annuale della Sezione di Estetica dell'Istituto di Filosofia dell'Università di Bologna”. The Journal was headed by the four courses of Aesthetics (sections of Philosophy, Dams, Education Sciences and Foreign Languages), and those of History of Criticism, Poetics and Rhetoric, Psychology of Art.
The academic and scientific approach of "Studi di estetica" has been such as to favor active confrontation with other schools of thought over the years. In fact, Italian and foreign scholars, critics, writers, and men of culture still collaborate with the Journal.
From the foundation, in 1973, until the end of 2013, 66 numbers were released, divided into three series, the third of which (1993-2013) was directed by Fernando Bollino, who promoted the entrance into the Scientific Committee of foreign and Italian scholars of other universities.
Since 2014 the Journal is also online, and in this new series is published by Mimesis Edizioni.

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