Una sensibilità affinata sugli spigoli della malattia. La “grande salute” come potenziamento epistemico ed estetico tra Friedrich Nietzsche e Theodor Fontane
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Theodor Fontane
German literature


The article connects the topic of health in Nietzsche’s thought with the perspective that emerges from some novels of Theodor Fontane, by leaning on a close interaction between philosophy and literature. It is shown that two of Fontane’s characters, Victoire von Carayon from the novel Schach von Wuthenow and Waldemar von Haldern from the novel Stine, embody and depict specific Nietzschean ideas concerning the relationship between the experience of illness and the development of a higher cognitive faculty. How could be thought the latter? It is a greater awareness of oneself, one’s feelings and needs, and a better intuitive capacity. Illness is seen, therefore, not as a mere negative, i.e., as something simply disabling, but rather as a challenge for deeper self-knowledge and empowerment. The concepts of health and illness thus end up flowing into each other, since health cannot be isolated from illness, which acquires a new meaning.

PDF (Italiano)