Dalla patobiografia alla genealogia. Salute e malattia nelle Vorreden nietzscheane del 1886
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In 1886, Nietzsche felt the need to exercise a retrospective look at the works he had written up to that point. Hence, the writing of a series of prefaces (Vorreden). They can be considered and read as a thematically unified textual body. Rereading them as a unified work allows us to recognise their value as an “auto-pathobiography”. In it, the concepts of health and illness occupy a central position that Nietzschean research has long been questioning. Nevertheless, in reflecting on health and illness, in the Vorreden, Nietzsche also prepares the fundamental epistemological move that will enable him to gradually and increasingly shift his speculative focus from the autoanalytical and biographical to the genealogical plane and authorise him to look at his main object of research, the moral phenomenon, as no other thinker had done before.
PDF (Italiano)