Soggetto in quanto corpo

Francesco Affronti


According to Anders, technology replaces human body, in fact it is more powerful than physicality which can’t be shaped. Technology imposes itself on human body while human beings are ashamed of their one. Reduction of the body destroys humanity of human being and its scale of values. According to Heidegger, the vocation of technology is to impose itself and to be independent from man, but it supports life and nature. Even neurobiology offers a duality between higher cognitive activities of mind and the part of the brain connected to emotions. Both technology and higher activity of mind seem to propose a transcendence of the body. But the aesthetic fruition of photography reconfigures human being as a body, as Barthed proved. Aesthetics, as a philosophy of experience, may propose to canalize emotions and body towards the redefinition of the subject-man through the motto “I feel, therefore I am”.


Dematerialization, technology, neurobiology, photography, contingency

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