Domande scientifiche e pulsione mistica. Wittgenstein, Freud e Lacan al di là del principio di piacere

Stefano Oliva


According to Wittgenstein, the answers given by science produce a feeling of dissatisfaction that leads to the “urge (Trieb) towards the mystical”. The aim of this paper is to reflect on the nature of this urge by comparing it with the psychoanalytic concept of “drive”. In this perspective, I will present the dialectic between death drive and life drive in Freud’s Beyond the pleasure principle (1920). In life drive I will indicate the model of an urge that constitutively does not find satisfaction. Then I will comment Lacan’s concept of jouissance, seen as an experience of the Real beyond the pleasure principle. Through the idea of Real as tyche I will come back to Wittgenstein’s mystical and I will propose a particular translation of the first proposition of the Tractatus logico-philosophicus that accounts the feeling of epistemic dissatisfaction as a way of seeing the world as an achieved totality.


Wittgenstein; Mystical; Epistemic dissatisfaction

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