Lacrime universali, lacrime culturali: il pianto come privilegio dell’essere uomini

Chiara Dolce


Anthropology, in the philosophical and cultural branches, helps study the epistemic horizon of human emotional sphere. In this article we speak of crying, a phenomenon that originates from psychophysics indifference and which occurs with emotional intensity, in the face of events morally meaningful, joyful or painful. Specifically, philosophical anthropology explains what is crying, identifying in it the physical expression of a “disorganization” of the human person that generates value judgments in front of a sudden capitulation of logical-deductive reasoning. Cultural anthropology, in a different but complementary way, describes the historical contexts of tears, emphasizing the opportunity to “re-organization” of the person within the cultural horizons that tears offer. Whether you take universally as automatism unrelated, whether we take in particular as a “technique of crying”, crying is still a privilege of being humans, a key way of the person, required to make choices beyond animality.


Psychophysical indifference; Inner capitulation; Crying technique

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