La fallacia decostruzionista e il destino della filosofia. Le signe et le clin d’oeil


Deconstruction represents the peak of the process of dissolution of the “philosophical” and of the emancipation of the critical intellect that has characterized modernity. Deconstruction challenges the very possibility of philosophy. This is why the debate of deconstruction with philosophy “cannot resemble anyone else”. It does not take place in philosophy, because it compares the whole of philosophy with an “elsewhere of philosophy”, which is not even its opposite. The opposites have, as a matter of fact, a common genus, while between philosophy and deconstruction there is only homonymy. Deconstruction is born by criticizing Husserl’s phenomenology. Questioning the foundation of phenomenology (presence and intuition) will mean, for Derrida, settling the coup de grace to the philosophy as a whole. In our essay we will show how the critique of phenomenology rests in reality on a fallacious equation, retention = non-perception. Only on the basis of such an assumption it will be possible for Derrida to “articulate” reflexively the absolute immanence of presence in itself and thus dissolve the “dream” of philosophy.
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