Isotopie e pertinenza: un problema di risonanza?

Riccardo Finocchi


This contribution identifies the role of the resonance in the process of signification and of communication of sense. It starts from an overview of the theories devoted to different aspects of the isotopies: from Jakobson’s phonetic isotopies to Greimas’ analysis. The isotopies are both categories of analysis - which show the semantic continuity of the sense of the texts - and forms of semantic resonance. Also the concept of pertinence – as introduced into the semiotic studies by Prieto – can be considered as a different form of resonance. It is therefore possible to identity passive/pathic resonances, which are at the basis of the isotopies, and active/reflective ones, at the basis of the pertinence.


Resonance; Isotopy; Pertinence; Semiotics

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