Il cinismo dell’arte. Antropologia, etica ed estetica della body art

Giovanni Gurisatti


In the field of aesthetics and philosophy of arts, body art is considered a moment of high explication between art and life, which finds its roots in the experimentations of the twentieth century vanguards, but that is indeed exploding during the Second Post-War period, at the core of the so-called Consumer Society. However, in order to understand the phenomenon in its complexity, it is necessary to explore both its anthropologic “transcendental” background and its ethical consistency, the prototype of which is the ancient form of the “cynic” way of being. On this basis, it is possible to aesthetically compare body art and pop art, which are opposite, but at the same time complementary, poles of the relationship between art and life in the postmodern world.


Body art; Pop art; Cynicism

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