Dall’estetica tecnologica all’estetica interculturale

Giangiorgio Pasqualotto


The article covers a research during over thirty years. The pa-per is divided into three sections: 1) from the technological aesthetics to the aesthetics of analytic philosophy; 2) from a critical approach of the aesthetics of analytic philosophy to the Frankfurter Schule proposals on aesthetic topics; 3) from a crit-ical approach of the Frankfurter Schule philosophy on aesthet-ics to the criticism of the traditional philosophies made by Nie-tzsche. The conclusive section draws the attention on the origi-nal meaning of aesthetics. Looking back at its roots, the under-standing of aesthetics lays in experiencing it as it was taught by Far East cultures. Therefore the future of aesthetics will be an intercultural aesthetics.


Criticism; Far East aesthetics; Intercultural aesthetics

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